On Rope Canyoneering was started as a convenient place to keep track of trip info and share it easily with those interested. After each canyon, a GPS track, photos, and a description was available that could be consolidated online. Once posted, I would no longer have to keep track of all the individual pieces for future trips, as it could now be accessed anywhere an internet connection was available. I tend to be on the "tell me just enough" side of things as is probably most noticeable in many of my descriptions. I enjoy the problem solving side of the canyons and a drop by drop list of rappels from top to bottom just ruins that for me. This info may be added one day, but for the moment just the critical info is mainly found with any extraordinary or challenging items brought to attention.

Early in 2013 after finding it difficult to purchase canyon specific gear, it appeared the only reliable way to get my hands on what I wanted would be to hit the drawing board and experiment with some materials. Starting with rope bags as a hobby, feedback and encouragement from the local canyon crews helped to push the initial project to the next step. Working to build relationships with manufacturing professionals, we were eventually able to come out with our first product, a rope bag durable and reliable enough to handle the extremes of canyoneering. Since this initial bag design, progress through extensive research and field testing has resulted in new and reliable gear being introduced to the canyoneering community by our company.

The site as a whole is run by me, Jeremiah Beltran (Jeremy) so you may occasionally see that things are slow to change, but there is always something going on behind the scenes. Adding new canyon beta, keeping orders going out, working with manufacturing companies, while getting into the canyons as often as possible keeps me busy to say the least. 

Being from Arizona you will no doubt notice that the site beta is AZ heavy. This info as of 2016 has all been generated by me based on tracks recorded while in the canyons. Should you ever wish to have a track represented, feel free to contact me and we can easily get the beta shared for the community to access, giving you full credit for the information.


Our Mission

Our goal is to develop and produce premium canyoneering gear that can be relied upon regardless of canyon conditions, while also providing beta that is easily accessed, accurate, and open to all.

What We've Achieved

  • Provided  a selection of canyon beta that can be accessed any time online. 
  • Utilized manufacturing companies to produce high quality products.
  • GPS files that can be downloaded without fees or log in requirements. 
  • Continuously tested gear to ensure functionality and reliability in canyon.