The canyoneering beta presented is mostly trips I have completed and have had free time to sit down and make a dedicated page to share the information. I make no claim to having the definitive route in, out, or through any canyon presented on these pages, these are simply routes that have been taken successfully at one time or another. The Routes and Maps presented are only as accurate as my GPS signal at the time in the canyon, and it can vary widely. All information has been edited after the fact in an effort to present the data cleanly and effectively. There is always the possibility of a better/more efficient route as I have found them myself on occasion by doing a little map research, or by meeting a new group willing to share information. Although I try, I do not always find time to update pages as new information presents itself. If you have a route you would like presented on a page feel free to contact me and I will do my best to get it posted.


Canyons are currently presented grouped by state as shown to the left of this message or as seen in the drop down menu associated with the "Canyons" target at the top of the screen. As a Arizona native, most canyons presented are from my home state, but I hope to add additional beta from other locations as the opportunity presents itself.

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Canyoneering can be extremely dangerous and may result in death, disfigurement, loss of limb, blood, guts and gore! Training on the basic skills involved is a MUST, and in no case should be taken for granted. Wilderness First Responder, Back-Country Navigation, Swift Water, Meteorology,  Improvisation, Teamwork, and Leadership Skills are but a few of the Tools one should possess before entering into the canyons and preparing to get On Rope!