Tibloc Ascender - Clasic


Tibloc Ascender - Clasic

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This ultralight, multi-purpose rope grab is an ideal back-up for standard ascenders or for those who wish to travel as light as possible

  • Much lighter and more compact than standard ascenders, plus faster to set up than prusik knots and works well in pulley systems
  • Tibloc should be used only with carabiners made of uniform oval or round stock in order to prevent damage to the rope
  • Caution: hot-forged carabiners with T-shaped stock, such as the Petzl Spirit, should NOT be used
  • The Tibloc is an amazing little tool when used properly, but can easily be misused; it is essential to read the instructions to prevent rope damage!

Technical specs

  • Best Use
  • Climbing
  • Fits Rope Sizes
  • 8 - 11 millimeters
  • Body Material
  • Chromoly steel
  • Weight
  • 39 grams