Fixe PS Rappel Ring

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Fixe PS Rappel Ring Square.jpg
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Fixe PS Rappel Ring

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These rings are BOMBER and will be appreciated by all future canyoneers who encounter them. Made from solid 10mm rod stock and T.I.G. welded, these steel rings will benefit any high traffic canyon with a long life of trustworthy rappels. Fixe Rappel Ring Anchors complete any effective Top Anchoring system. In the back country a Rappel Ring can make the difference when pulling your rope from that last rappel. Whether used with conventional sling material or screw links and chain. A rappel ring completes any anchor.


  • Plated Steel, #199:
  • Rated at 35kn/8,500lbs.
  • Inner Diameter- 1 3/8"
  • Outer Diameter- 2 1/8"10mm rod stock
  • Weight - 3oz