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Explore Canyoneering Pack

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The On Rope Canyoneering EXPLORE pack is designed to carry any and all gear necessary for your canyoneering adventures. The 2720in³ (44.5 Liter) body has plenty of room for any epic multi-day trips, but also runs well on those less demanding days. The lid volume brings the total up to 3152in³ (51.5 Liters) of total space not including any additional pouches or pockets.

This Canyoneering Specific pack is made utilizing abrasion resistant CORDURA fabric, reinforced webbing, heavy mesh, combined with rugged and reliable hardware. The design results in a Canyoneering Specific pack that is comfortable, takes a beating, and offers superior drainage.



Curved Internal Back Frame: The curved internal back frame allows the pack to ride closer to the body and provides a comfortable carry. Our frame maintains a great fit, is removable, and adjustable if required.

Adjustable Torso Length: The adjustable shoulder harness allows the same pack to fit more canyoneers comfortably. Your torso length plays less of a role in the pack size, removing restrictions and allowing you to carry the volume that best accommodates your personal preference.

Pour Through Drainage: Superior drainage is accomplished with our top down mesh design. The unique "Grid Mesh" base has any water gone instantly. Exiting pools of any depth, you will notice that this pack does not hold water and will never weigh you down during a spicy exit.

Extreme Top Handle: Because packs are hung on rappel and used on occasion to escape tricky situations (pack tosses and occasionally filled up and relied on as emergency anchors), the top handle was designed extremely stout. Not simply bar tacked, but integrated into the entire back panel, ensuring reliability during those moments when it counts most.

Concealed Storage: Side pockets expand when needed, yet conceal when not in use. Clipping the pouch shut once you are in canyon, minimizes water intake into the pack body. Although our side pockets are not very noticeable, they were designed to expand generously when needed and fit raft paddles and water bottles perfectly. 

Helmet Pouch: The front helmet pouch expands and holds your gear securely in place utilizing our snap mesh seal. When not needed, this pouch stays securely sealed and out of the way leaving one less thing to worry about.

Shoulder Storage: Loops along the length of the shoulder strap reclaim valuable space and provide easy access to commonly used clipped in gear. Cameras, GPS units, carabiners, and quick links are secure, yet readily available.

Compression: Straps along the side allow the load to be condensed and the volume of the pack to decrease or be compacted as necessary. This allows for better handling when carrying smaller loads or days requiring less gear. 

Lid Management - Designed to hug the pack tightly on all sides, the lid securely seals the top. Generous straps expand to allow room for more gear, while front and back center buckles help to eliminate "Floppy Lid" issues.