Exploratory Canyon Burial Techniques


It all started when...

Unexpectedly stuck on a cliff with all ropes consumed drastic measures must occur. Facial hair can be an effective means of getting down canyon should it be of proper length and durability such as the example above. Although the trapped canyoneer may initially be reluctant to sacrifice such a gnarly well groomed beard, it can often be the only way out. Using ancient weaving techniques, a strong and reliable pull cord can be weaved by trimming the beard and twisting in a manner used by sailors over the years. It is often best to have your weakest team member initiate the beard trim as losing a beard of such magnitude can often lead to death of such team member, followed by a burial of said member directly in the canyon. Should death and burial be un-avoidable, it is best practice to place the body in a hole located at least 100' away from any rappel to maintain "Leave no trace" eithcs.